Medical coding is an industry that has longevity and will be around for a long time. If you are thinking of what career might be a good path for you, allow me to tell you more about medical coding. What medical coding is not is medical billing. We do not code to submit bill payments, but we do help medical billers. Our job is to code what services are issued at doctors’ visits, whether general visits or emergency rooms so that your services can be understood by everyone who needs to know. 

As a medical coder, you will need to learn medical terms to be proficient at your job. Learning these codes takes time, but many of them have root words that are familiar to you already. Understanding the human body is also helpful for your everyday life. However, most people get into medical coding because of the flexibility. This is an industry where you can work from home, and on most jobs, it is preferred. 

Competition can be fierce, as with any booming career path, but there are ways to navigate the process. Infinity HIM School started to help those interested in medical coding simplify the process, understand a roadmap for getting into the field, and gain the support and knowledge to succeed on the job. 

Medical Coding expert Melvina Washington is the founder of the school and business owner of Infinity HIM service company. She started this business over 20 years ago and understands the challenges of breaking into the industry and how to work your way up the ladder. It’s not just about getting the certificate to prove your knowledge but also about how you use the information. How can you apply what you’ve learned to be successful on a job and keep adding value? 

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