CPT Coding II

The repetitive 2nd CPT course will reemphasize on the rules and guidelines within the CPT coding manual even more. The course is designed to help beginners learn and understand the concept of coding using CPT coding manuals, even more. Also, help the experienced gain additional knowledge and practice on coding, even more. It would give you real world coding scenarios to greatly improve your knowledge of medical coding for more better understanding.

At Infinity HIM School, you will learn that CPT codes are an integral part of the billing process. CPT codes tell the insurance payer what procedures the healthcare provider would like to be reimbursed for. As such, CPT codes work in tandem with ICD codes to create a full picture of the medical process for the payer. “This patient arrived with these symptoms (as represented by the ICD code) and we performed these procedures (represented by the CPT code).

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This is a great option if you want to improve your medical vocabulary for job advancement.