Medical Terminology I

This course is designed to identify medical terms and words by their component parts such as prefixes, word roots and suffixes. Defining the body structure and its cavities, planes, and positions is also explained and reviewed in these two lessons.

Understanding terms, elements of the body and how they function is pivotal for perfoming your job as a coder. During the lesson, vocabulary is discussed, graphics are provided that give clear indication of where organs are located. You don’t have to know anything about the human body before taking this course. What you do know already, of course will always help you learn the material faster. 

Common terms and their prefixes and suffixes are included along with instructions for how to best learn the material you will find in this module. The graphics and visuals were included to help you digest a lot of material quickly.  You don’t need to memorize whether an item is a prefix or suffix, or even if it is a word root, but key terms can help you know what words mean even if you don’t know everything. Overtime, you will become a master at terms but don’t expect that immediately. Be patient with yourself and let us at Infinity HIM School teach you techniques that will help you along the way to learn and master Medical Terminology!

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